Making Super Smash Bros.Brawlest Chapter 1

2008-06-06 15:08:00 by smooth-x

Hi everybody! I'm making the first chapter of Super Smash Bros.Brawlest. (sorry for not include an attack button in the demo)
The first chapter contains a mini plataform game (with background and a lot of enemies), and the movie short. =D


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2008-06-06 15:29:55

oh jesus christ please dont do another brawl flash, we got enough brawl with all the emotion from the brawl taunts thing.


2008-06-06 16:22:26

Is that a butt behind mario in your icon ???

smooth-x responds:

I'm that yellow Mario :)


2008-06-06 17:02:46

When will SSB Brawlest (not the demo) be out.


2008-06-06 17:34:12

the characters aren't aligned to their shape flag, makes changing direction really weird.


2008-06-08 19:42:50

Bueno, y FFHGx? cuando sale? tambien deverias hacerlo juego como el flash, asi seria mas divertido.

No olvides a shadow!

smooth-x responds:

ya dije q FFHGX lo voy a hace un juego RPG, y ati ya te lo habia dicho desde hace mucho tiempo!!!!